Review: Justice League/Power Rangers

There’s not enough discussion of neutral fandom. You don’t go out of your way to watch or read something but you like it. It’s cool. I’m like that with a lot of things. Doctor Who is that. I’m like that with a lot of lesser known superheroes.

And I’m like that with Power Rangers. The franchise isn’t bad. I mostly watched the first show but I’m familiar with it. I’ve read the comics here and there. I like it.

I am however very familiar with the Justice League. I mean it’s the DC big hitters. Of course I am. I know Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow. So when I get a crossover between them like Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Tom Taylor and Stephen Byrne I get to to dabble a bit.

The plot could basically be lifted from the crossover template. The Power Rangers are forced to enter the DC universe. They fight the JL. They realize they’re the JL. Team up ensues. It turns out Lord Zedd and Brainiac are teamed up. Fights ensue. There’s a problem in the MMPR universe. It’s solved. And sequel hook! Seriously I could plug so many stories into this template.

But that’s fine. A crossover is all about execution. After all the toys usually go back in the box. They’re never canon. It needs to satisfy both needs. A crossover just is.

And this is very good. It’s not the top tier but it’s a genuinely satisfying story. You get to see what you expect and hope to see. A lot of this is on Taylor, who is just genius with character work. He really has fun with it. It helps that he chooses the perfect villains. Lord Zedd and Brainiac fit either world. It’s fun.

The comic works largely by finding a middle tone. It’s not as campy as MMPR or as serious as JL. It’s closest to say the Adventures line DC did to tie to the DCAU. This is definitely a book I would see in a middle school. It’s inoffensive like that but not cloying or low stakes. There’s action and it’s great.

The art by Byrne is okay. I wish it was stronger but it does the job. It’s oddly closer to my last entry in style than the Jim Lee style I expected. It’s effective, action is great as I said, but in more static shots it’s a bit off. Faces could be better.

Overall this is good. It’s not a world beater though it would be if I was more of MMPR. But it’s fun. It’s a good solid read.

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