Counting My Blessings

I’m currently on a social media hiatus. Why? I think I got addicted to oversharing and I don’t like that. I’m dialing myself back and that’s good. I’m hoping to take the weekend off then after a week of treatment that started Monday I’m going to be good.

I’m blogging though. Blogging has been demanded of me by all my therapists. Blogging makes me a much better person. So why not use it in that treatment. This is a declaration of all the good in my life.

My family. I have to start here. Amanda. Lola. My parents. And now my sister in law and her adorable nieces. My family is a great thing in my life.

My friends. I couldn’t function without y’all. Albert. Zephyr. Angie. Sebastian. Samantha. Thanks for being here.

My job. I like what I do and I’m good at it. And it’s not killing me like my old one did.

My therapist. She just moved clinics but I’m going with her to the new one. I’m glad I have a trusted advisor.

I got both of my covid shots. That’s amazing.

Those are the obvious ones. Now to put my touch on. These are the unlikely joys.

I finally got this dealt with. It’s a small silly thing but this has been irking me as something I wanted and couldn’t have. It’s nice to move on from an autistic obsession. And this is a book I’m excited to read.

My tablet has become a gift to me. A device I can use to deal with my stress. I’m slowly figuring out exactly how to make it work. Which brings me to the next one.

I’ve been browsing through the Houston Chronicle archives. It’s soothing to me. I don’t go any further than the day I left town aside from a few entries. But this combined with my tablet is helping.

Sleep. I’m forcing myself into an intense sleep schedule for the first time ever. I’m guilty of not sleeping as a response to time spent working. But I am sleeping finally. I don’t sleep evenly due to a tendency to wake up at night but I am trying to work on that.

The weather has been amazing. That’s been great. Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunny day.

Getting back to the movies. Godzilla vs Kong was a fun start. Mortal Kombat looms even if it’s a streamer. It’s just nice having things back.

Energy drinks. Can’t hate something that wakes you up.

The Tim Drake series. I’m really getting to touch on some fun topics here.

Lola and her cousin are in gym class together. That’s cool.

I’m starting to move past wanting to waste a ton of money. There’s still stuff I want but I had the chance tonight and I didn’t waste it because it didn’t seem like fun.

The weekly MCU dose. It’s just nice every Friday to check in with these characters. I haven’t done weekly comics since Lola was born. This brings it back.

Mountain Dew Major Melon is their best flavor in years.

I’ve been nostalgic for my high school days. Good. I should miss that stuff. It made me happy. It’s a good thing I’m still in touch with that.

I’m starting to develop a radio drama. That’s kind of nice. It’s a horror piece. It’s an homage to things I like. It’s also a bit of a drama about the last days of the theatrical experience as a small scale thing vs the megaplex.

I don’t know if this makes sense but I’m okay with realizing there is a lot about myself I don’t like because then that means I can do better and will do better because I don’t let problems lie.

I like that I’m having evenings. That’s cool.

Comics have been fun.

I have a distant ambition to take a day trip soon. That’s exciting. I think I’ll get an overnight in somewhere unexpected. Maybe Texas.

Hope. I have hope that being forced to look honestly at who I am will end with me better.

I am a lucky man. I must remember that.

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