Thoughts on a week just past

If I didn’t have my Patreon I wouldn’t be writing this week. I posted my Batman vs TMNT review so I could ethically skip this week. I won’t though. But since my mind is a bit all over the place, why not do an entry that concedes that?

Saturday was Lola’s third birthday. It’s a moment of joy. She’s such a beacon of life to me. I love my daughter and I’m proud of her. But can I admit I feel some frustration? I’m trying to start potty training and I’m lost. I want to accomplish this yet it’s hard. Very hard. I’m not giving up though.

I missed my therapy appointment this week. There was some confusion and it got rescheduled. I’m sad I missed out this week though. I needed it. It’s going to be bittersweet when I go to the appointment Tuesday as it’ll be the last time I see my therapist in person. We’ll continue on Skype but it’ll never be the same.

I did get some therapy in with a trip to the movies Tuesday to see the new Godzilla movie. I dug it. It was nice to just be at a theater mind you. But this being good was a nice bonus. Glad I saw it.

But I needed my real therapy. I know this because I’ve been angry. I’m tired and I know that’s part of it. But I don’t need to be this mean. I’m sorry.

One area that I finally burnt out on was retail therapy. I had a deal for 50% off Marvel digital comics for a time and a ton of survey/rewards points. And I used that. But I finally hit a wall. Strangely I’m relieved. I’ve got a ton to read and I don’t have to be destructive to myself.

I need to vent. That’s the gift of therapy. I pay to go into a room and say what I need to say aloud and not get judged for it. It’s a release. I love it. And I can say that.

I’m going to keep writing on material maybe I’m not ready for y’all to see. It’ll go up at my Patreon at most. But I’m going to keep trying to get these emotions wrestled with.

Until next entry

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