Still here

I haven’t posted in 2 months and there’s been a very good reason why. Every time I’ve tried to write, I’m stopped myself. So this is a quick post but its a declaration.

Yes, I’ve been battling violent depression and anxiety. This is true and all too well known to most. I haven’t been hiding from this. I’ve been using every technique I have and I’m finally making a bit of headway.

I’m on an increased dosage of Prozac. I’ll be open about that too. I’m up to twice what I was on. It’s not a slight dose but I’m not a slight case. It’s ok I’m seeking this. I’ve also added an emergency medicine for severe episodes. It’s helped too.

Nothing has been as key though as taking time to be me. I’ve binged a number of Marvel novels. I just read a great Star Wars book. I’ve got three Cathy sets to read at home. I’ve had a few good drinks. I’ve found Austin’s moment.

Lola is doing great as is Amanda. I’ve got people I actually socialize with now. I’m not in isolation.

I have my columns I’m working on. A new one hits Tuesday and another Wednesday.

I have a fiction project I’m working on. It’s coming slow but it is coming.

I’m here. That’s all I’ve got for today. I’m still here. I’m still in the fight. But I’m here.