Ten Things I Like About Myself

This is something I was challenged to do by my therapist. He felt that I could benefit from focusing my OCD tendencies on the things I like rather than dislike about myself. He feels this could be an interesting challenge for me and helpful. I agree and as I’ve torn myself down publicly why shouldn’t I build myself up publicly? So here goes. 

  1. I am a great dad. This is a new trait but a trait I know is there. I adore Lola and she adores me. I’m naturally good at caring for her. This is something unexpected but real. 
  2. I am loyal to my friends. Sarah Andersen has that great cartoon about getting in a tank when someone hurts her friends. That’s me. Cross me? I don’t care. Cross my friends? Welcome to die. 
  3. I have a strong sense of humor. I’m definitely not someone with a standard sense of humor but I have a unique and potent one. I love wordplay and satire. I also love great slapstick. 
  4. I hold on tight to my interests. I’ve been a Star Wars fan for over 20 years. I was first a Mickey Mouse fan before I could talk and I just today added a new MM comic to my phone. I hold onto what I love. 
  5. I don’t let my limits hold me back if I want something bad enough. I learned to ride a bicycle even though being autistic made it hard. Once I learned that, I wanted so badly to get out that I pushed myself on epic bike rides despite lacking a body built for them at first. In time I became great. 
  6. I’m a gifted writer, even in fiction. I don’t credit myself enough with how skilled I am here. I know I’m a good nonfiction writer but I really can craft short fiction and with a good idea, even screenplays. I have skill at character. Are my pieces heavily focused on my interests? Yes. So are the pieces every other human being writes. 
  7. I’m good at my job. I really don’t give myself enough credit. I can look at a blank page and in 15 minutes have it filled. I know how to place my jumps doing business. I know how to find the very best art. I’m great at my job. 
  8. I’m gifted at creative solutions. The image of an autistic running through various calculations in his head to figure something out? That’s me. And that rocks. I can think my way out of a bind if I have enough time. 
  9. I’m damn good at gifting. This is a unique skill but one I have. I will find the exact right gift for someone and it’ll be one they never see coming.  That’s a ton of fun for me and kind to others. 
  10. I clean up well. I know I look like a slob often but when I dress confidently I look sharp. I wear suit jackets well. I have a very piercing stare and it’s an effective tool for me that enhances that cleaned up look. 

So there you have it. 10 good things about me. Will there be a corresponding list? No! I’m not going to tear me down anymore. But I will add to this list in time.