A List of Things Autistic People Are Tired of Saying

Another day. Another lousy article making the rounds. This one uses autistic as a term to connote cold and emotionless. Woohoo! That stereotype lives on. I would write about it except I already have. And that’s the thing. A lot of these silly concepts are ones I’m tired of addressing. So I’m doing us all a favor. This is a checklist of things we never want to discuss ever again. 

  1. We are emotional. In fact having to explain this makes us angry. 
  2. We are not unempathetic. But telling us repeatedly that we’re unable to feel empathy suggests you might be.
  3. We are perfectly capable of happy lives. 
  4. We do not all have amazing superpowers. Seriously quit using Sherlock Holmes to represent us.
  5. Yes, we have special interests you don’t get. So what? Don’t you? 
  6. We are not incapable of love. The movies lie to you.
  7. We know all about Sheldon Cooper. Keep talking and we’ll quit being nice about him. 
  8. Our skills are just as varied as yours are. Many of us are incapable of success in STEM fields. 
  9. We do not need to just adapt to the outside world. What harm does it do you to let us be us? It’s traumatic to do otherwise. 
  10. Vaccines don’t cause autism. 
  11. Seriously, we are not incapable of emotion.
  12. We can hear everything you say about us. We are literate by and large.
  13. Stop listening to non autistic people as authorities about us. We are trying to explain our lives clearly. You aren’t listening!
  14. Autistic as an insult is an insult to us. Quit.
  15. We don’t all have OCD. I do but not all of us do. Stop assuming they’re the same. 

This is just a quick list. I’ll gladly add more as the topics are suggested. 

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