Diary of an Autistic Father: Weeks 24/25

I had to skip last week’s entry out of sheer fatigue. It’s been a long month but thankfully November is over and I survived it. It was tricky but it was achieved. 

Lola had her first Thanksgiving and it went superbly. She had a few pieces of bread, and by pieces I really mean oversized crumbs. But she’s eating more and more real food. She’s fattening as a result. It’s adorable. 

She’s now fully online. She’s expressive as can be. It’s a joy to see her react to everything and I do mean everything. Her eyes bounce around catching every stimuli. I’m jealous of her awe really. 

There’s a clear sense of a bond these last few weeks too. More than before even. Lola lights up when she sees Amanda. There’s this energy to her face I just love. I wish I could bottle it. 

Lola has been vital to my self care. When I get overwhelmed, I play with her. Rubbing her baby head helps so much. Watching her reminds me that for all the hate, there’s good too. 

I love this job. I can’t wait to see what happens next in it. 

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