Where I Am

This is more or less intended as an official statement to explain my absence from social media. My plan is to be offline through the weekend though it may be longer. I don’t want anyone to worry but this is a MUST for me. I need to take a break. 
Why? Pretty easy. The election has drained me. It drained me before we got this outcome. It was pure ugliness. I was having serious issues before. 

Then the outcome. 

I’m not in a place to handle this as the outcome right now to be blunt. I’m not. I try to be but I’m not. I’ve had a few panic episodes today. I’m well aware I’m not the only one. I’m not able to process the overwhelming darkness and hate I’m seeing from everyone. So I’m leaving for a bit. 

What will I do instead? I’ll care for myself. I’m going to binge things I love. I’ve got Comics For Rent movies to see. I’m going to read. I’m going to start the second book. I’m going to do things I love as not to let the dark win. 

I will be off Facebook and Twitter, having deleted both apps. However I will be reachable on Facebook Messenger and I will respond to comments here. I’ll also have two podcasts coming. 

But for now, I’m going away. I’ll see you hopefully in the light. 

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