Diary of an Autistic Father: Week 21

It occurs to me today that Lola Faye will never know a world where the Chicago Cubs hadn’t won at least one World Series in her lifetime. The years I spent as a fan watching them stink up the bottom of the division eternally fated to lose won’t register to her. The first World Series in her life was won by the Cubs. 

I think about this minor fact because it underlines for me how much she won’t know that I’ve grown up with as hard fact. Her experience will be epically different from mine. She will live in a world that bears almost no resemblance to the world I know from my childhood. 

For example, the idea of a dollar theater won’t be a thing to her. The closest she’s come is when I drove her over to the now ruins of the Tandy 10 which closed in 2014. That was a place I spent hours upon hours of my life in and it’s ashes now. I don’t even want to touch the idea movie theaters themselves might go. 

Lola won’t know shopping like I have. Bookstores are dying. Conventional chain stores too. Aside from direct consumables, it’s all going online. She won’t have the fun I had. Malls will be a thing of the past for her. 

She won’t know a world without the internet which first came to prominence twenty years before she was born. As a result, she’ll live in technology. I can’t fathom how it’ll be in 10 years for her. School will be different as a result. 

And then there’s the world. Weather is changing. Politics are changing. What is she walking into? I truly don’t know and it scares me so. 

But there are things that won’t be different. She’ll have a family. She’ll have friends. She’ll have her journey. Life will in many ways be the same. 

She will be loved. That I know is eternal. 

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