Diary of an Autistic Father Week 15

Lola made it 15 minutes at story time this week before her fussing sent us home. This was my call to be clear. I didn’t want to cause a problem. She was hungry–she’s chugging now– and I had to do right for the others. We will try next week.

Learning these rules is part of the job. I don’t have a clear concept immediately of what I’m doing. I have to go through moments like these to crack what I need to do. I try to do the best I can and I err on the side of helping her. She is my critter after all. 

This has been a fun week. Lola is starting to make a lot more noise. She’s talking almost nonstop in the car. When she’s on her tummy she sings. The sound is indescribably cute. Just pure joy and life. 

She’s been a fairly good kid. I’m aware I’m lucky that my daughter is well behaved. She’s even slept through a few nights. This is actually worrying since she’s a bit on the thin side. She’s not lacking for food I stress. She just doesn’t eat much. She’s given food but quits hard. I’m still figuring that out too though. 

There’s a parallel with my job. I’m learning how to do a new section. When I wasn’t actually working on it, I built a simulator to work on in my spare time. I’m not great yet but I’m figuring it out slowly. With time I will crack it. 

Perhaps that’s how all things are. Trial and error is everything. It’s all about patience and not quitting. I’m going to work on that. 

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