Diary of an Autistic Father: Week 14

  This was a good week for Lola Faye. 

She mostly spent her days relaxing and learning what colors are. I only went a couple of places with her on my days off. She had time to chill and watch the fan as she likes. 

Thursday brought a big moment. Lola went to her first story time at the library. It was a special experience for her and her daddy. We sang and I clapped her hands during the 45 minutes. She was awake the whole time. The older kids all thought she was super cute.

The big moment for me was beginning a habit for her. I want her to love the library like I do. We were on the very same floor I’ve spent many hours on as a younger man. I want her to feel as at home as I do there.

There was another similar moment. My friend Rob brought Lola a couple of awesome gifts: a Batgirl doll and a Chewbacca plush that talks. Lola is young yet. Her tastes won’t emerge for years. But of course I would love it if she shared my interests. It would be a blast for me. 

The thing is, I refuse to force her to be like me. She may be athletic. She’ll likely be into far more feminine interests than me. She may utterly reject my tastes. And that’s ok. She’s her own person. 

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. I love these things and I should show them to her. I’ll give her the chance. And in the case of the library I have a moral obligation to get her into it. A love of reading is a vital habit.

For now though, I’ll just let her have fun with the fan when we’re not out and about. 

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