Diary of an Autistic Father: Week 13

This was a fairly busy week for Lola. 

She went to the Mall on Thursday so daddy could walk her. She saw her grandmother, aunt, and cousin Monday. She then went to therapy with daddy on Tuesday. Not a slow week for a 3 month old.

Lola has been a bit frustrating this week I fear. She’s been very fussy. Much more than usual. A lot of this stems from her illness. She’s feeling better but still stuffy. It’s hard for cub. She cries a lot more. 

I admit I have a hard time when she gets fussy. I want to help but I can’t always succeed. I try every trick in my arsenal though. I feed her. I change her diaper. I rock her. I take her out. All of these techniques help but they can’t always work. 

What I’m having to learn is patience with her. I can’t get mad at her after all. She’s a baby. So instead I try to be calm and work with her. Yes, it means trying a lot of things. But I can help her. 

She makes it worth it too. She talks much more now. Her coos are giving me life. She’s laughing too. I can endure the cries for the joy every time. 

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