Diary of an Autistic Father: Week 12

Lola is sick.

OK, she’s not got anything more than a cold but she is definitely under the weather. She’s been a bit fussy and upset when she’s awake, which isn’t as often as usual. She’s has terrible sinus congestion and a runny nose that obviously angers her. She coughs a bit. Thankfully her fever has broken.

Still it’s hard on us. Amanda and I love our daughter and want her to be well. I hate being sick and I know she must really hate it. Those pained cries kill me. The look on her face as she just wants this to stop, not yet knowing it will, is agony for me.

There was some hope in how well she did at the doctor. She did have her first sick visit to the dr, a rite of passage for miss Lola. She performed nicely. Everybody likes her after all. She even put up with having her blood drawn.

Mostly she’s sleeping right now. This means I’ve gotten to read quite a bit. I’m not indulging in serious reading mind you. I received $75 in Amazon gift cards which I’ve used on comic strip books and graphic novels for my phone. I’ve been reading a lot of Big Nate volumes, which are sheer comfort food to me. Reading has been a truly nice thing for me of late. This fluff has kept me relaxed and calm. It gives me joy. It helps ease my worry about Baby Lola.

She is healing, slowly. There will be days yet of fuss. But I can help. I’m her daddy.

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