Diary of an Autistic Father: Week 11

Babies have the simplest hierarchy of needs. 

That’s the big lesson I’m learning from Lola. Her needs are fairly simple. She might get hungry. She might need a new diaper. Maybe she wants to be held. Whatever the case, it’s pretty easy to satisfy her needs. 

I bring this up because it’s a sharp contrast to adult interaction which is baffling and confusing. When I’m trying to satisfy a baby’s wants, I’ve got 4 options roughly. When I’m satisfying an adult, I have 600. The nuance between each is extraordinary btw. And I have to choose the right one. 

It’s for that reason that I’m actually feeling fairly confident in my skills as a parent. I’m on day 3 of solo duty and it’s going great. Lola is being quiet except when she’s fussy and I need to help her. But mostly she’s a chill kid. 

We’ve had a few trips out. She gets the usual attention every time. Trust me, I love having a stranger stop and exclaim “what a cute baby” behind my back. She’s never fussy in public either. Seriously good kid. 

Things are good right now as a parent. I’m feeling a measure of faith in myself. I’m even changing rather dramatic diapers. Will I stay confident? Doubtful. But I’m enjoying the ride right now. Stay chill Lola. Please. 


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