Diary of an Autistic Father: Week 10 

This is the last week of Amanda’s maternity leave. On Monday, she’s back to work. 


The last 10 weeks have been a real joy for me. They’re easily the most time I’ve ever had with her. Our work schedules have never been the same with her working days while I work nights. We don’t often get to spend any full time together and that’s something I hate. 

I don’t talk nearly enough about Amanda on this blog. We’ve been together for five years this summer and married for 3 in December. She is in every way my partner. She’s completely aware of all that’s wrong with me and loves me through it. She never lets me off the hook but she supports me. Having her in my life is a powerful thing. 

These weeks have only reinforced how I feel. I’ve gotten to bask in her humor as I get ready for work. I’ve binge watched tv with her. We’ve taken a few day trips. Yesterday we went arcading even. 

But the big thing is I’ve seen how she is with Lola. Amanda lives for that baby. She worries about her constantly. She’s at her beck and call. She’s making sure she’s ok at every moment. It’s so beautiful. 

I hate that I’m losing her in this way but that’s life. We must tend to our gardens. I’m just lucky to have her. 

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