Diary of an Autistic Father: Week 9

This was a quiet week. 

Lola turned two months old with little fanfare save for her two month appointment where it was found she was perfectly healthy. She’s thin but tall so it balances out. At least she would be tall if she was standing. She had her shots. She cried a bit but so did mom. 

She had her first sleepover on Wednesday night in Conway with my parents. Unlike the Delight trip, I enjoyed this a bit more because I had Amanda with me. We went to dinner and a movie and hung out with friends. If this is how these go, these breaks, I’ll take them occasionally.

We had a photoshoot as well. A photographer captured us at the house. There were several pictures of just Lola too. In one she’s a tiny angel. That’ll be one I cherish. 

The big new thing for Lola is expressions. She’s making a lot more. I’ve seen several sustained smiles from my cub and I love them. She’s a bright little figure. She’s focusing longer too. Slowly she comes online. 

As for me, I’m trying to lean into the new normal. I’ve had anxiety and self esteem issues this week. They’re inevitable. I’m treating them though. I take my meds. I know I struggle with these things and I don’t hide it. 

What matters to me is protecting that angel. She’s a sweet little person. Of course I get anxious about caring for her. I want her to do well. So far, so good I think. 

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