Diary of an Autistic Father: Week Four

To truly understand how your life has changed you have to briefly go back to your old one. 

That was the case Friday, Saturday, and Sunday when Amanda and Lola took a trip to Delight, where Amanda’s dad and stepmother live. I found myself back as a bachelor for two nights. In these moments I was free to come and go as I pleased after and before work. I could eat as I chose. I could sleep my hours. I was given a chance to return to bachelor life. 

So let me stress that it stinks. You are completely alone which makes enjoying the time impossible. Getting to buy your own groceries isn’t much fun when the meals for one stink as they do. The fast food options stink in my neighborhood. Nothing is open after midnight. 

But most importantly they were gone. I’ve lived with Amanda for three years now and I love it. She entertains me! When I lay in bed, I know her presence and fall right asleep. And the new one was far from me. I’d barely known her 3 weeks but I missed her. 

So it was that deep into the night Sunday night I drove to Delight. I didn’t arrive until 315 am but I made it. I hit a bunny but hey, I couldn’t stop on a mountain road in the rain. I did all of this because I missed them. 

I held Lola for a long time when I got there. She looked a bit fatter. Her hair was fuller just a bit. She was well behaved as I held her. She just slept. In time so did I. 

The next day I chatted with Amanda’s family. They’re wonderful people. I held my baby as I did. Lola was putting on quite a show. She’s an attention hog that way. 

I had a brief stop off in my past. I didn’t like it. I’m excited to keep going forward. 

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