Diary of an Autistic Father: Week Three

I think I’m starting to get used to her being here. 

That’s the big takeaway from this week. Lola Faye has lived in my house for almost a full three weeks and I’m starting to expect her here. The sound of her voice, the way she feels, the ghastly smell of formula are all normalizing for me and that’s a good thing. It’s creating a new normal in my life and new normals are important. 

It’s letting me enjoy her too. Lola Faye is a funny little creature. She’s fattening up and very pink. Her face contorts into the oddest expressions. She snorts and grunts, especially when she eats. Is she a person yet? Far from it. What she is is great company though and I like hanging out with her.

Lola had a busy week seeing lots of family and friends. Amanda’s grandmother and aunts dropped by Sunday. My mother, sister, and her kids visited yesterday. Our friends Jancen and Melissa swung by last night. Less fun was the trip to the dr to see about getting her skin tag off. That’ll come next month. 

As for me? Well I’m better. It helps that I’ve been honest. This is stressful at times. Of course it is. I worry about the future and always will. I’ve also been sick this week, which I hate. But I’ll rebound.  

I’m in this. This little person is slowly but surely becoming my life. 

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