State of Every Single Project I Have Going

I am a busy man.

I work 40+ hours a week as a page designer at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, a job I still love. Nothing unexpected, but it occupies much of my time.

I’ve done a weekly hourlong podcast with Albert Wiltfong intermittently but far more frequently for the last three years. It keeps me very busy, watching films and doing research for it.

I am currently operating no less than three blogs. Yes, three. There’s this site, there’s The Film Room Lobby, and there’s my fiction project Mountain Ridge Chronicles. I’m currently trying to see what can happen there. All of my Fiction is going to be housed there instead of here after next week, I’m hoping. I’m trying to write for all of those still.

Oh, I’m also still running a research project into Arkansas movie theaters too. That takes up time.

And then there’s the baby who arrives on Wednesday and knocks all of this awry.

So here is the state of everything I’m working on:

My job: I’m taking 5 days off with two weekends directly adjoining.

The podcast: We have enough episodes banked to run until August. Shouldn’t notice any absence.

A Flickering Life: Will be intermittent as always. I only write here when I feel I have something worth saying.

The Film Room Lobby: I have a number of 300-400 word reviews ready to go on comic book movies. They’ll come out over time. I have a new column I’ll be starting for it when I end Comics For Rent. Bonus: Albert is going to contribute a few pieces.

Mountain Ridge Chronicles: This is just starting. It may yet fade. I have a storyline I’m considering though. It’ll be fun.

Arkansas Cinema History: A lot of my travel plans hit the skids when Lola entered the picture. However, the beauty of this project is others can and often do contribute. So I’m feeling satisfied here.

As for any thoughts I have on Lola, I’m deferring to the cast I did with my friend Shaun Lau for those. I said all I have to say here. See y’all on the other side of this.

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