State of the Blog Year Two

So it is that I come to the second anniversary of A Flickering Life. Two years is a nice length to keep a blog going. Many don’t make it here in fact. With that in mind, some thoughts on Year two.

Undeniably it was a quieter year. The narrative entries ended in favor of the book which consumed most of the year. It’s on sale and I’m happy with it. It’s not intended to be nor is it a work of scholarly research. It’s a personal narrative. I can’t explain all the ins and outs of the disorder but I can tell you how it felt. You can find it here for just $3.

It’s been a very turbulent year for me. I experienced a very vicious battle with anxiety and depression that I’m still fighting. I am finally in therapy for the first time. It’s been a hard year confronting my cellar level self esteem. I’ve also started to come to terms with the fact that I do feel quite lonely some times. Most of my friends are long gone from this area or from my life and that hurts. These are things I’m not ok with.

But, there’s hope. Lola Faye awaits in a month. She is the beacon that changes everything. I have no idea how things will be different. I only know everything I know will change. I’ll know then.

I know this: this journey is not over. As I become an autistic father, I’ll embark on a new odyssey I will be discussing here. I just hope you all stick around for the ride. I’ve got several topics I’m still trying to get strong entries on. I hope you’ll enjoy them as they come.

For now, Onward and Upward

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