Why You Should Read My Book


It takes supreme arrogance to tell somebody they should spend money and take the time to read your book. It’s a bold, prideful act. It doesn’t come easily for those of us with low self esteem but there are times that we must overcome it.

So it is today. I’ve published a book entitled A Flickering Life: A Memoir of Autism. I’m proud of it. I want you to read it.

Let me be clear, I’m writing this in the hopes that you read my book. I don’t just want a pity purchase because you like me and it’s cheap. Which it is. It’s just $3. I want you to purchase the book, be it for your kindle or your device enabled with the kindle app which includes all of them, and I want you to spend a few hours in my presence, listening to my life story. I want you to experience what I’ve spent nearly two years working my hardest on.


So what is the book? Roughly speaking, it’s the story of my life from age 4-24. It covers the school years, college, and the fight for independence. I depict what life is like growing up with the complex mindset that is Asperger Syndrome/Autism. There are many stories of social missteps, descriptions of strange situations I found myself in, and a detailed look at the pains of bullying.

One thing the book is not is a compilation of this site. I started from scratch for the book and most of the stories are ones I’ve never told. I had no interest in simply slamming the site together and daring to charge for it. There’s a reason this book took time.

What was I trying to do with the book? I was trying to create a document that reflects a fairly universal experience. I’ve told a number of the stories in the book to my peers, only to hear back “I’ve been there.” While it’s true that we autistics are all unique, I wanted to at least describe an experience not unlike the ordinary member of the tribe. It’s a life that’s fraught with drama in the unlikeliest of places so I hope it’s a good yarn.

But there’s a deeper reason. My goal with this book is to make you understand who I am. I not only tell my life story but I try to give insight into my character. There are funny parts. There are sad parts. There are countless nakedly honest moments. I describe my biggest mistakes and I own up to all of them. There were times I even cried writing this. My hope is that you’ll read it and you’ll know me.

So yes, I do hope you click this link and buy the book. But I really hope you read it.

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