Why You Shouldn’t Use Autistic As A Slur

I really should not have to write this.

It should be obvious to anybody who reads the title that using “autistic” as a slur is despicable behavior. This is as clear as it gets to all of you who will likely read this. I’m not expecting to make many converts among my friends and family. And honestly I’m not writing about this in an effort to convince anybody.

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When You Can’t Go Back

In the last year I’ve spent a lot of time mentally in Conway, AR as I’ve worked on memoir. I haven’t spent much time there physically, a few afternoons and a single night, but I’ve been there in the version of Conway I remember.

In that version town ends at very specific boundaries. There’s a wealth of pasture all over town. There’s just three interstate exits. There are two movie theaters. There are two high school campuses with odd layouts. A number of businesses exist such as Reader’s Choice Books, Playworld, and the candle shop downtown.

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