Where I’ve Been

I hate taking a hiatus on this site.

This site is my overriding passion in terms of my projects I work on. That means a lot when you consider my other projects include a history of AR movie theaters and whatever form Unworthy takes. So it hurts to take any break from this site.

However, I’ve had to step away so I could work on finishing up my memoir. Given that much of the content in that book connects to this site, the hiatus had to happen. As if right now, I’m on track to  finish revisions by december, send it to proofreaders in January, publish on 2/2 on Amazon kindle store.

Yes, it’ll just be an ebook.  Why am I not pursuing a larger publication venue? I don’t have time and money to try to find a publisher . I don’t have a large scale project. Besides, I wrote this for my friends and family. I’ll also answer this: it is NOT the narrative entries of the blog slammed together. I’ve spent a long time reshaping and in 90% of the work outright retelling it.

When will I reemerge? Soon. I really hope after the first of the year. Sooner.

What about the baby? Ask me when I have the energy to face that. There’s a lot going on right now, I’ll say that. Trust me, when I reboot in 2016, it’s coming.

But please know this blog isn’t dead. I just want to give you a great companion.

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