Where I’m At Right Now

OK, so this blog has been quieter than I’d like over the last 14 days. I thought I’d jump in and say why.

Well the obvious is the forthcoming kid. I’ve been dealing with all kinds of things through that. I’ve been in a lot of doctors’ offices of late. We’ve had so much going on in the preparation for the event. It’s exhausting and stressful. It’s also glorious and beautiful. I’ll write more in time.

I’m occupied on other fronts. The biggest is at long last beginning a full research project into movie theaters in Arkansas. I love Cinematour so but I finally realized it was inadequate. So I’ve started my own project here. It’s keeping me busy with hours at the library. I keep running down all kinds of leads for the project so that eats up my time.

I’m in the early phases of novelizing Unworthy. I have about 1/10 written. I was going to do it for National Novel Writing Month until I realized it’d kill me in the midst of all of this. I’m still doing it. This seems like a fool’s errand, I concede, but I still have this belief I might get it perfect. The truth is I’m very happy with the core of what I built there. I want to make others see it.

I’ve had the podcast too. Oh how that’s kept me busy now that we’re weekly. Just saying. Check that out though. And you know what, if you’ve got a few bucks a month, support our patreon! 

I’m working. Saying no more. Still enjoy it.

And then there’s all that’s on my mind. I have entries coming. I do, I stress. So I’m sorry for the silence, but know I’m not going mute. More to come.

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