An Update on My Life and the Blog 0917

So I’ve been a bit quiet here of late. There’s a very good reason for that. I’m devoting pretty much every minute of writing time to the memoir right now. I’d considered releasing the material here, and indeed some of it owes its existence to this blog, but I’m holding off. I can say this: the book wiil cover birth-2008. My goal is to show the journey to “adulthood.” When is it coming? Theoretically I’d say with six months. I have a lot of rewriting of some areas and writing of others to do.

There are other topics on my mind. I’ll save the information for a fuller post at some point but Amanda and I are fighting to add a “cub” to our house. We’ve launched a gofundme which you can find here. That’s on my mind often.

My emotional state must be addressed here. While not as severe as last year, I have struggled once more with a bit of depression. I’ve melted down. I’ve cried. I’ve had to cope with the grief and a few other triggers. But you recover and go on. There are things I’m doing to try and fix things. Starting to get into hiking. Trying to engage in self therapy. You do all you can.

I do intend to get more up soon. It’ll be tricky as I immerse myself in 6000 word chapters. But I hope to update soon!

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