When The Ableist Is The Face In The Mirror

I have a confession.

While I started this blog in the interest of furthering autism advocacy and expressing my specific perspective on the condition, I am guilty of ableism. Yes, I who have fought hard on this issue, am guilty of making unfair assumptions abut disabilities. It seems implausible but I have to come face to face with the truth.

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Six Lessons I Learned From Reading A Script I Wrote at 19

Another writing post? I can hear the moans. Shouldn’t I have a deep post on the increasing prejudices we’re facing? What about the serious issues in my life I’m facing that I’ve now admitted to? And Neurotribes is out to rave reviews within the community. Don’t I have thoughts on that?

The short answer: all of that is coming. The prejudice is a bit too serious a topic to treat lightly. My family situation is currently on wait until we get more info. I haven’t read the book but I have it on hold at the library. Besides, a writing post makes perfect sense. HFAs are defined by our intense interests. Don’t my interests reflect my mind? My writing definitely does. So read this and get insight into me.

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An Update on My Life and the Blog 0917

So I’ve been a bit quiet here of late. There’s a very good reason for that. I’m devoting pretty much every minute of writing time to the memoir right now. I’d considered releasing the material here, and indeed some of it owes its existence to this blog, but I’m holding off. I can say this: the book wiil cover birth-2008. My goal is to show the journey to “adulthood.” When is it coming? Theoretically I’d say with six months. I have a lot of rewriting of some areas and writing of others to do.

There are other topics on my mind. I’ll save the information for a fuller post at some point but Amanda and I are fighting to add a “cub” to our house. We’ve launched a gofundme which you can find here. That’s on my mind often.

My emotional state must be addressed here. While not as severe as last year, I have struggled once more with a bit of depression. I’ve melted down. I’ve cried. I’ve had to cope with the grief and a few other triggers. But you recover and go on. There are things I’m doing to try and fix things. Starting to get into hiking. Trying to engage in self therapy. You do all you can.

I do intend to get more up soon. It’ll be tricky as I immerse myself in 6000 word chapters. But I hope to update soon!

My Writing Career: A History of My Screenplays

I have been a screenwriter for roughly 18 years. Not 18 years consistently but I started trying to write screenplays in 1996 and continue to write to this day. Honestly, even in the periods I claim I wasn’t writing, I was always writing. I just wasn’t finishing. Regrettably, the number of copies of finished scripts I have to share is decidedly slim though I do include two scripts ready for reading. Sadly. I’m counting a couple of scripts I failed to finish as well to study why I failed to finish them.

Why post this? Because all writing is fundamentally autobiography. In describing each piece, I’ll try to explain how they reflected myself and who I was in that moment.

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Recurrence And The Act of Grieving For Friendships

In the summer of 2001, I spent months doing research for a project on grief. I read every single book in the Faulkner County Library on losing a person. After months of sheer work, I was an expert on the subject matter. I knew what it felt like to lose someone. I could anticipate every feeling. Grief couldn’t shock me.

For the last year I’ve discovered how wrong I was.

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The Origins of Geekdom: A Collection of Various Accounts

Geekdom. We all have one. We all have interests. I’ve written on my origins. I called out to my friends and family to share theirs. 

Albert Wiltfong: My Dad has tapes and tapes of novelty songs  he recorded off the air from the Doctor Demento Show in the 70’s and 80’s. He would sing and play a lot of the songs to me, especially Weird Al. And that was my introduction to geekdom.

Albert Muller: I consider the first true horror game I played to be Silent Hill; it impacted me by scaring the shit out of me.
Sarah Black: Laura Ingalls Wiilder books. They were set in olden times so I had to do research and ask questions to understand a lot of them and that was fun!
Rodney Torrance: What started my geekdom? Probably power rangers and then I started reading box car children that set in stone my love for reading.
Colin Frazier MaxwellIt started with Star Wars. Tolkien followed and the rest is history.
Bridget Sweetser Shinn My father used to drop me off at the public library on his way back to work after lunch. He would pick me up when his day ended. So….five hours to peruse, research, lose myself
Nathan Shinn My older brother 😛 Video games, “how does this work?”, making things work. I like the pursuit.
Matticus Garner Well in that case…I didn’t find the geekdom. Geekdom found me 😎

  1. Bruno Mynthi Showers Parents read me the Hobbit as a bed time story when I was little.

Amanda Shinn The first thing I can concretely remember geeking over was The Anamorphs.  Watched the show, read all the books. Total fan girl at 9 lol
 Hitchhiker’s Guide. That seems like a bullshit “cred” answer but I can’t think of anything before. I was 7ish.  then Star Wars, then Redwall.
Rosie Claverton: Writing Star Trek Voyager Mary Sue fanfic in my diary before I even knew that was a thing.
“Bubbawheat”: oddly enough.. Oh I have a horrible memory for these things. Either baseball cards or micro machines. Very collector mentality
George Harrison W.O.: Marvel Avengers Adventure comics #5
Tim Bartow: Watching Scott pilgrim for the first time