The Adult Bully

In writing this blog, there have been several times I’ve wanted to write on an issue only to revisit my post on the subject and realize I’d already made the same point. It’s frustrating but there’s not much more I could wring from many of these points.

Bullying isn’t like that.

The topic has been on my mind, I suspect, because of recent events noted here and here. It’s an important subject, one I could/should/will write a book on. I also suspect it’s one that’s been on my mind due to the world I move in. I operate online among people who have experienced severe harassment and it never fails to jar me.

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To Be Good

The phrase good is misused in our society. Good, like its peer Decent, is used to connote acceptable. Something that is good is not truly satisfying. It is merely passable. Being a good person means doing the bare minimum. A good man does what he should but he hasn’t done enough to be a great man. In our hyperbolic world, greatness is the true goal.

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What I’d Tell 18-Year-Old Me

I saw this hashtag on Twitter and, like so many hashtags, I couldn’t resist laughing at it first. It’s such a cliche so I had to needle it a bit. Then I started writing a serious version. That cracked something in me. I had to start talking. Once I started I could not stop. Rather than flood my feed, I’m coming here to write. So here goes.

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Fallen Idols

It saddens me that I don’t have a strong reaction to Jim Carrey’s recent vitriolic campaign against people with Autism and the myth of vaccines as the cause. I’ve written on this before. I’m unable to add any new insights I fear. Vaccines still don’t cause autism. Autism is still a fate better than death. I’m still angry that prejudice against my group is acceptable in society. Nothing has changed or will change sadly.

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