State of Life 6/2

This is kind of a cover all post like the ones I’ve labeled Odds and Ends in the past but I feel like being a bit more open and honest on were my mind is. There’s a point to this.

I openly admit I haven’t had much to say here in the last few weeks. I would if I could. I’ve even started an entry or two but to no luck. There’s a restlessness to me right now I admit. I’ve written openly on that before. I’m just wresting with feelings. I think I need an outlet for that.

But I have one! I’m deep in the writing on the second draft of In Bloom. About to finish act I on the way to Act II.  This is still far from where I want it but I am very happy with it. I can’t wait to get it finished and shared. I admit it’s where my focus is. But as I’ve openly admitted I struggled with it for 15 years. Now that I’m not I’m so happy. 

I’ve been struggling with sleep I admit. This is entirely due to my kitty being very hyper. That’s been sucking up a lot of energy. It really wears you out. 

In May I did a brief experiment in which I did a comics podcast. As not even I ever threw it on, it’s over. Wasn’t to be. You hit those, experiments that don’t work. Not good or bad. Just is. 

I’m hoping to get more up soon. Until then, know I’m not dead. Just reloading!

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