My Pull List

I’m going to shake things up a bit with this entry. I try to keep my entertainment writing on my other blog, which can be found here. But it hits me, why not talk about one of my hobbies here? I go to the comic shop weekly. Every Wednesday at 11 I have a standing obligation at Kapow Comics and have since August 2008. This is a huge part of my life. I also feel like writing this because many of my twitter followers share my hobby. Why not give my thoughts? Dividing into Comic Shop and LIbrary lists.  I’m also going to touch on a few ongoing books not on it.

Current Pull List:

All New X-Men/Uncanny X-Men: These two books will end soon but I might as well continue to list until they do. I loved these two books at the start but they’ve flamed out hard. All-New has been in three different crossover events for example. I think Bendis still cares but after an initial burst of joy he started killing time hard. I still like the books but there’s hard stagnation here.

Amazing Spider-Man (2x a month): I haven’t missed an issue of Amazing Spider-Man since the first issue in 2008 of the “Brand New Day” era. Not bad for a book bought out of spite. This is consistently my favorite book and I attribute that to the love Dan Slott has for the character. He openly admits this is his dream book. He tells stories that make that clear.

Archie Versus Predator: I usually read 1-2 minis at a time. This is one of my current reads and it started out, well, ok. I’m not feeling it too hard yet. I’ll read on but the gimmick was not tapped well in issue one.

Avengers (2x a month): Ended last week but look, we know this book won’t go away. Just on hiatus for Secret Wars. This has been a pretty dreadful book for the last few years that I would have dropped except for the aggravating fact it’s The Avengers. It’s the cornerstone of Marvel. But it’s baffling! I can’t follow it half the time. Jonathan Hickman is out after this and I say good riddance.

Batman: My lone DC book. Why this book? Um, duh. Batman. Scott Snyder has operated pretty consistently at the peak of the industry on this book. This is the Batman fans love. Two fisted, tough, intelligent. Greg Capullo has been incredible on it too.

Howard the Duck: I’m only two issues in on this book and I can’t say with much certainty how long I will get to read it. But I’m having a sheer blast for now. I’m guessing 8-10 issues tops but the spirit of the classic run lives. It’s goofy fun.

Secret Wars (2X a month): If you’re noticing a paltry list, there is a reason. Events are the all consuming maw of the industry and sadly I fall in usually. I’ve skipped 2 in my reading at Marvel. Events can be great or awful. This starts Wednesday from Hickman and Esad Ribic, neither of whom I like. Not hopeful.

Uncanny Avengers: I had to remember I’m reading this. Rick Remender’s early promise on this book has faded. I still like it but meh.

The X-Files: Nothing else to say. An ongoing, damn good comic based on a show I love.

Library List:

Archie: I’ve never pulled an Archie comic as an adult aside from the above but damn do I love these still. They’re repetitive, yes, but so are other comics. Archie is comfort food.

Batgirl: I followed Gail Simone’s run without fail. I will double back and buy it. I love, love, love this book. Can;t wait to start the equally praised new team.

Batman books that aren’t the main book: I still care. Just not day one care.

Empowered: I love Adam Warren’s metaseries on tropes regarding women in comics. It’s clever, smart, hilarious stuff.

Guardians of the Galaxy: I probably should get this on Wednesdays but I’m so far behind. I love it all the same. Awesome book.

Harley Quinn: I’ve actually bought the entire early 00s series of the character and prefer it. This is solid though. I might consider moving to Wednesday.

Ms. Marvel: Another I’m behind on but catching up.

Saga: I like this in trades. I think it’s amazing.

Superman titles: I love Superman but really haven’t dug his books too much aside from one I’ll hit below, at least enough to go monthly. Dig the character though. The books can be great.

Note: I have plans to add Silk, Spider-Gwen (which I’ve read a bit of) and a few others. As I add them, look to see them here.

The Titles I’ve Dropped For Various Reasons:

Daredevil: Honestly this one kind of baffles me. It was an early drop, maybe my first. I just kind of lost interest in Bendis’ run. I’ve doubled back and read everything since. It’s a great book.

Green Lantern: Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern was amazing. Then the new 52 hit. Then it wasn’t. This book fell prey to an overload of crossovers. Great book but I quit before the latest one.

Runaways: This book is long over now, but I was out before it ended. In what is a clear pattern, the writer change killed my interest in the book. I followed it to the end with Vaughan. I read Whedon’s sadly underwhelming run. But Terry Moore? I made it 6 issues in and left. I couldn’t do it. The book ended shortly thereafter.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Your first book is rarely your last. I’ve really never lost touch on the book, read a ton of the Miles Morales era. But I stopped reading regularly in 2004 or so. It just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I’ve never gone back full time. Still good.

The Ultimates: A similar case. In this case I didn’t even last through Ultimates 2. Went back. Was not impressed. Never gone back to stay.

Venom: A good solid book that I left with Rick Remender. Now concluded but a good spy title.

Young Avengers: Technically on this book, I’m always willing to pick it up if it ever restarts. It’s over for now. I’m always waiting.

So there you have it! The books that keep me busy.

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