Odds and Ends 04/05/15

So, it’s been a wild month if you can’t tell from my last entry. I hardly see things slowing down. So consider this entry just a bit of housecleaning.

  • Hopefully this link will work and you can read this story on Autism Acceptance (NOT AWARENESS!) written by my former coworker Rachel Parker Dickinson and containing an interview with me. I was honored to speak on the subject with her and she did a phenomenal job. This interview ran in the Conway paper, which is amazing in light of my experiences there. I’m proud to have spoken to my hometown.
  • Much less serious but a subject I’m incredibly proud of, my podcast partner Albert Wiltfong and I created an April Fool’s Day podcast for the ages. We discussed the (nonexistent) movie Penguigeddon and the (fictional) studio behind it. While this looked like a joke, it really was the end result of years of research into b-movies. We’re going out again next year with more efforts from Galatea Films and what came next.
  • With Autism Acceptance Month on, I’m sure most of you are expecting me to ramp things up. Nope. I’ll be honest, I’m going to be light here this month and with good reason. The short answer is I’m writing a script but I’ll have an essay to accompany it here.

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