Odds and Ends 3/2/15

Just a few quick updates. Not enough for full posts.

  • First off, I am proud to have been a part of Autism Unveiled. I contributed an essay to the site which was published on Saturday. It’s not much new for regular readers but I’m really pleased with it.
  • State of my life: I’m moving during March. Third year in a row. Hopefully the LAST time. I’m utterly exhausted but oh well. Going to keep fighting onward! I stayed in hotels twice in the last few weeks due to snow. My life has been, um, crazy to say the least.
  • Here’s the state of the book: I’m 5K words in and just finishing the Houston section. That’s about 5 times the entry on the blog. That’s about what I’m aiming for. To be clear, I’m not even looking at any of my past entries as I write.
  • There is a fiction project I’ve worked on coming later this season. When? Well you’ll see.
  • I have several entries in the works. Joy of the book is I keep turning over new ideas. I’m trying to filter any good ones to the site because this remains my passion

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