What Worked in 2014

I was going to do a year end post where I studied the year’s harder and lighter points, a standard wrap-up where I looked at everything. Then it hit me it would be another look back in anger. Nobody is in a good mood right now and I can’t add another gripe to the pile. So I’m going to buck the mood and write an upbeat entry because things aren’t all bad or all good. Looking to the light…

The big plus this year has been my marriage. I’ve spent a nice full year as a married man. Amanda is just plain amazing to be with. Funny, clever, engaging, surprising, an amazing cook, a kind soul. I’ll never be lonely again due to her in my life. We’ve had chaos come our way in this year but we’re stronger for it.

This was a great year for me on the side job front. In June, my partner on The Film Room, Albert and I interviewed director/firebrand Lexi Alexander after two casts referencing her work. That was just plain cool to get to talk to someone who made awesome films. (1) She was an awesome guest and we’ve actually stayed in contact. She’s even hyped this site a bit.

In fact this site was a major highlight! I’m really proud of what I’m doing here. I finally feel like I have a voice for my thoughts on my disorder. This is a project I only plan on growing.

This year I rediscovered my love of writing. I’ve really caught fire again as a writer. I’ve got a lot to come and I can’t wait to share it.

It’s been a dynamite year in the arts. I’ve got a rough best of list for film with some amazing works on it. TV was solid with Netflix growing as a provider. Comics were awesome and I even got to buy 6 issues drawn by a friend.

The big theme for this year though was people. I did suffer a tragic loss in August but up until that moment, she was a constant presence. I met a score of amazing new people this year as well. So many who I’m happy to know. I’m still tight with my family. It’s been a long year but I have had fabulous people in it.

Let this year pass on. Let the dark be forgotten and the good cherished.

(1) And I do easily recommend Green Street Hooligans and Punisher War Zone. They’re badass films.

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