Two screenplays by Austin Shinn

I’ve lived with the comfort my writing existed in print form only so I could just SAY I stink at writing but not have to deal with the consequences. Then I found these… Both from about the same time, 23/24. Both rough. But, I feel like why not share them? Tis the season.

Fiesta Square was my attempt at a romantic comedy and it’s a work. A bit crass, hard R really. The premise is a man turns to his wife for help with his mistress. Honestly I kinda like it. It reflects a juvenile mind but there are strengths.

Fiesta Square Draft I

Aeterna is a fantasy about an immortal warrior who retires and ultimately I think I blew it having him have had a family. I started way too late. A good idea and a workable one studying the idea of heroes after the quest, but a miss.


Read and judge away!

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