Where I Stand 12/20/14

I figured I’d do a bit of a catch-all post today. I’m in a catch-all moment really. Do a bit of housecleaning, address a bit of what’s going on and capture my mind right at this moment.

First off, I thank all of you for your response to my high school entries. I write these entries less as completist entries and more as assembling ideas for potential projects. I have one short story set to stem from it shortly. I have a final plan for much of this writing and you’re basically reading my notes. A lot of those paragraphs could become chapters of a book actually.

My other project? Well I’ve hit a wall and I want to talk honestly and openly about it. I’m at about page 45 when I’d rather be much deeper in. At this point I’m about to start the first kill in the horror script. 45 minutes is the half way point so not bad, but I worry I’m on the brink of a rushed climax. I’m also not fully satisfied with what I’ve written. It’s frustrating to do a lot of effort and then look back and be annoyed with it. I’m not quitting though. I will see it through if it ends on page 50.

I have another project. That you’ll see. 🙂

This has been an interesting holiday season. Last year I didn’t really have one since I was freshly married. I’m really enjoying the experience. I love giving gifts and the food. All of it really. It’ll climax with the epicness of the day in Delight. Really looking forward to it.

Had my anniversary too. Really a lovely experience. Took my love to dinner. Showered her with gifts. Just a really nice quiet experience. We’re going to the opera in a month in Memphis.

At the same time, I have to come clean that I’ve been pretty anxious lately. My anxiety levels have been rather high. Rarely spiking to a 10 but at a hard 7 most of the time. Part of that stems from trying to get everything right for this season. Part of that comes from various random things. A lot of it comes from 2014 having been a nightmare in many ways.

I’m trying to work on it though. Christmas week looms after all. I want this to be a time of peace for me and I’m hopeful it will et be.

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