High School Month Prelude

It’s been a very long, trying week. I’m not going to lie. But, we must go on. 

High school. For some it is the perfect era in their lives they desperately wish to return to. For others it was a brutal nightmare filled with pain and rejection. Often romanticized, often slandered, high school holds a tight grip on our culture. Why shouldn’t it? We were young, dumb, hormonal, and honestly just coming on line as people.

This is the prelude to what I plan as a four part series. There will be two entries covering HAs itself with two extra entries to focus on single days Why do I want to give so much time to this subject? Well, to look at my life in literary terms, this is the turn. Before this I had years of feeling wildly out of place. I didn’t know what hope I had. In these 4 years, everything changed. So it makes perfect sense to write this much on this period.

I admit this set of entries will be lighter on the HFA/AS material than some of my others. At least on the surface. Look deeper and I think the opposite is true. This is where the advantages of the disorder come out. I had skills waiting to be tapped.

The plan is to go weekly with the first bonus entry hitting by Monday followed by the Freshman/Sophomore entry the next week. Why such an odd release pattern? Eh, the bonus entry will be finished first. So on we go into the past.

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