Odds and Ends 0803

There won’t be a new entry this Monday I’m afraid. I have plans to write about eye contact but I really need to do some research on that vital topic before I get the entry up. I got an entry up Thursday on film criticism in case you missed it. I’m pleased with it.

I have two major periods in my life I still intend to cover in lengthy narrative entries. I’d expect those entries to come within the year. Right now it’s hard because I’m writing around them. But they’re coming. There is also at least one entry I’m considering writing but want to take care on. 

I want to stress this: this was among my most productive weeks as a writer. I finished a 2200 word draft of a short story. I wrote 800 words on Howard the Duck. I wrote 900 words on film criticism. I just hate that I didn’t get more for this. 


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