Who Am I

My name is Austin Shinn and I have Asperger Syndrome. And I have to admit, I am not a fan of how my disorder looks on the internet. I’m not. I’m not a fan of sites like Wrong Planet. I’m not a fan of the attitude I see towards the syndrome in those communities. Looking at the media, I see my disorder treated as almost hopeless and I refuse to accept that. My goal here is to be a voice for those of us with the disorder who see the challenge the world has given us and choose to fight back. I admit most of my posts here will be autobiography. I’m not trying to present myself as a perfect role model. Just the opposite. I am a normal guy fighting the struggle, And I refuse to quit.

Tonally, this will be a mix, as is life. But I want to point to the good moments especially. To talk about what I love. Maybe I have to deal with the struggles but there is always light in the dark.

Personal details you should know? I’m 30. I work in a job I love at an employer I love. I went to college for journalism and graduated with honors. I’m happily married. I love movies and comics. My life is good. Getting here? That’s the journey. So let’s go.

My plan is to do an entry a week. Longer form entries will probably be one every two weeks. I might post a big broad entry on a topic but don’t be shocked if I narrow in on a specific element later. Our brains are fractured in that way so why not write like we think? That kind of goes along with the title of the blog. A Flickering Life refers to both film, since I am a film buff above all else, and our mindset.

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